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We are a non-profitable South Sudan-based organization building the next generation of digital and mainstream journalists in South Sudan


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Youth media initiative South Sudan is a non – profit, youth-focused Initiative founded on 15/Sep/2020 and Registered in South Sudan with the South Sudan Rehabilitation commission as a non-profit making Organization that focuses on creating a positive society through the development of best media and journalistic practices.
We work with youth in schools, both secondary and university levels to train, mentor and equip them with knowledge that meets today’s journalism standards and trends in order for them to become change makers through the stories they tell and how they tell them.

We offer a platform that will see young aspiring south Sudanese journalists able to tell their stories accurately with authenticity. We are also a big player in the media industry growth, through training of journalists and media practitioners on content creation and dissemination

We are driven by our mission statement which is ‘’media for change’’ We believe that equipping the future of South Sudan through trainings and mentorship programs to young aspiring journalists can not only change the media in South Sudan but also create a change positive in the country. We are a team of multimedia professionals practicing journalists who have worked with different media houses within South Sudan and East Africa

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